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dwujęzyczne niepubliczne przedszkole i żłobek



Most of our intellectual skills is developed up till we’re 5 years old.

Our pre-school aim is to accompany your child in one of the most important period of life, support in the process of shaping its character, independence skills and willingness to self-develop.

Misiolandia pre-school functions on the basis of the entry to the List of Schools in Bydgoszcz.

It is a pre-school with the focus on the development of English language and artistic skills.

We are open from Monday to Friday 6:30 am - 5:00 pm.



Our aim is to create appropriate conditions for social, emotional and physical development of children form 2,5 years old

Misiolandia is a place where children’s dreams come true. It is a magical land, which is full of sunshine, warmth and joy. In Misiolandia you are never alone, you are surrounded by other adventurers with whom you experience what’s the most beautiful – the world in its all diversity.

Playing with others, you taste the friendship and joy of achieving what you want together. The hosts of Misiolandia show you how to use your inner skills, energy, imagination, curiosity and natural spontaneity and that makes you come back here every day.

The number of children in groups doesn’t exceed 20.

Misiolandia  is in a superb quiet location in Bydgoszcz – Fordon/Brdyujście just off Fordońska street with easy access and safe, dedicated parking.

Misiolandia is housed in a secure building with big rooms for children. There is also a very well-equipped playground in a large garden.



Our aims:

  • Supporting parents in child care
  • Enabling the child to achieve a full social, emotional and physical development
  • Showing a true creative potential and developmental abilities
  • Shaping responsibility and independence skill
  • Showing the importance of looking after your physical and emotional health
  • Developing basic ecological awareness
  • Enabling the children to express and understand emotions
  • Introduce the child to the world of English
  • Develop school readiness of all children
  • Engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

Our staff

Nursery teachers

This is a cohesive group of professionals who are dedicated to provide fun and safe learning environment for our children. All of the teachers are graduates from the pedagogy faculty and maximize their abilities to address the needs of all children. They are experienced in working with children and creative, warm people with huge hearts and full of ideas. They carefully listen to what our children tell us, as for us each child is a distinct individual with a unique perspective on the world. The effects of our work are the smiles on our children's faces, and their happy eyes, which are also the greatest reward for our labour, passion and commitment to working with preschoolers.


English teachers

The lessons and activities are carried out by well qualified teachers on the basis of a self designed curriculum. The English teachers speak only English to children and have a degree in English language and experience in work with very young children. Our priority is combining the content of pre-school learning with acquiring the skills of communicating in English. The lessons take part everyday and children’s learning is mainly achieved through play.

Music teachers

Music teachers introduce children into the world of aesthetic values and development of self expression through music. The 2 music specialists teach the children how to sing, feel the rhythm and understand music. They also are responsible for ballet and modern dance lessons, and teaching how to play simple instrument.

Director of Studies

The director of studies is in charge of a learning process, observes lessons and teachers’ activities; supports new teachers, checks school’s schemes of work that concerns monitoring of a child’s development and follows educational progress of children.

Speech therapist

A speech therapist is in charge of the development of child’s speech, conducts screening test and does different types of activities that improve child’s pronunciation.


We cooperate with a Psychological Centre in Bydgoszcz, the specialists that work there support our institution in every aspect of our work.

The list of abroad trainings of our staff





Pre-school Educational curriculum

In our pre-school we follow educational curriculum „Ku dziecku” that is in accordance with Polish Ministry of Education regulations.

The curriculum „Ku dziecku” was rewarded in a competition for the „Best Pre-school Program” organized by MEN (Ministry of Education). The main aim of this program is to support children in the development of their talents and shaping of intellectual skills necessary for coping with everyday life and further education. Teaching and upbringing within the framework of the core curriculum „Ku dziecku” gives the teachers the opportunity to plan their work with children based on children’s activity, individualization and diversification in all areas: intellectual, social, emotional and physical. It is also important in the program to provide better educational chances to children through supporting their curiosity, activity and independence and the skills and knowledge relevant to undertaking school education.


English curriculum „Teddy Bear English”

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is one of the most important skills of a human being. In the learning and teaching environment it is important to create situations which will develop the needs for children to communicate in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

The children in our pre-school start to speak English because it is the only language the teachers use while doing different types of activities. The necessity of discussing their feelings, expectations and needs as well as the willingness to participate in games and different types of tasks make our children accept English as a tool necessary to successfully communicate with others. This way creates a situation that is similar to bilingual homes where one member of the family is a native speaker of English.

A self-designed English Program „Teddy Bear English” was prepared for our pre-school by specialists teachers . It consists of high-quality books and teaching aids as well as a system of constant development and monitoring of teaching quality. The head of the pre-school monitors a successful introduction and evaluation of this program.

We use the method of „immersing”, when all the interaction in lessons and activities is done in English. The second rule of the program is using English to introduce children to the world at a level that is appropriate for each phase of child development. The English curriculum is closely related to Pre-school Educational program which enforces  the language effects of children.

To support the process of teaching English we use Interactive WhiteBoards and high quality interactive programs for children. The children have a chance to play with the interactive whiteboard themselves; it gives them a lot of joy and seems like magic for them.

 Another way of supporting the development of the language is using the materials that are accissable in our English library (DVDs, English books, CD-rooms, CDs with songs, etc.)


Schemes of work – Music program „Active learning through art – in the world of music and dance”

A self-designed program called „Active learning through art. – in the world of music and dance” is based on a notion that thanks to the sounds of music a child will develop intellectually, morally and socially. Music plays an important part in a general psycho-physical development of a child and it’s extremely significant for different types of skills and abilities, such as improving self-assessment and faith in your own talents.

The authors are 2 teachers specialising in  music and dance. The program consists of the following parts:

  • Developing musicality according to Gordon’s theory. The children sing songs, discuss their character and mood, learn about the melody. They take part in games that improve the sense of rhythm, in activities that have a positive impact on breathing, voice and the right pronunciation. All these activities are done in both languages (Polish and English).
  • Dance lessons – children learn the basic steps of modern and ballroom dances. These are also activities that improve the flexibility, endurance and general physical shape.
  • Ballet lessons – these activities focus on movement improvisation and learning basic ballet positions.
  • Instruments – children learn how to play simple instruments

Basic Gymnastics wit corrective exercises

Basic Gymnastics aims to develop physical agility, mobility and motor skills, as well as foster the interest for sports activities.

Ecological project

In our pre-school we emphases ecological awareness of our children through different educational activities. We organise special lessons in cooperation with the Centre of Ecological Education, as well as competitions for children to rise their ecological awareness.. The children are also given the opportunity to see and interact with different animals, e.g.: rabbits, cats, dog and hedgehogs that are brought by their owners or from the zoo. In spring and summer we also have gardening lessons – children seed, plant and harvest.


Art projects

Additionally we’ve got art lessons in cooperation with an Art. Gallery in Bydgoszcz. Children prepare 4 art project, experimenting with different art. forms: (sculpture, paining wood and food collages).

Other programs also draw on the best of the following  methods

Gordon theory of child’s development, combining singing and motional expression

Rhythmic gymnastics by A.. Kniessów

Creative gymnastics by Laban

Alternative methods of introducing reading skills by Glen Doman (in some groups)

Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska’s method of children’s mathematics

Motor activities games by K Wlaznik

Method of „active listening to music”: by Batti Strauss;

Method of “Movement for Growing”: W. Sherbourn

The “Good Start” method: M. Bogdanowicz



Multimedia guidebook
Bydgoszcz Travel Guide - Virtual Tourist
Welcom to Bydgoszcz


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